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Writed by Mr. Gökmen CAN / How Good They Dying, How Good We Live (!)

21 Ocak 2024 - 02:35

Writer by: Mr. Gökmen CAN - Educator and Sociologist

Dear ladies, gentlemen and dear young people! I would like to thank each and every one of you for coming to our interview.

Even though our interview title may remind everyone of different things, we intended to open new windows first for ourselves and then for you, our valued guests.

We live in a period called the “modern world”. Each individual is a unique world. The country we were born and raised in and the society we belong to have a general cultural structure. Culture is one of the things that make us who we are and affects our personality. But to what extent do we live our culture and ancient riches and how much do we help keep them alive? The answer to this question varies from person to person.

Human beings are intelligent and compassionate beings. These two “unique characteristics” make or should make each of us take stock of how far and how close we are to humanity. We must look at the events we encounter in such a way that, just as Master Necip Fazıl Kısakürek said; “…we must be a personality/personality that will turn all “vertical” into “horizontal” with the trendy frog language.” We must be a "human being" whose insight, foresight, mercy, love, consciousness, breath, soul, voice, strength, sagacity and stance will make those who look at us exclaim, "history is being rewritten in the world." Again, as the Master said, we must be "a person who defends his language, his brain, his knowledge, his chastity, his home, his religion and his heart."

Unfortunately, instead of the display of these characteristics that reflect maturity and virtue, we see the behavior of the "Murderer Nation of the World, Pretending to be Blind and Deaf", looking into the eyes of humanity, grinning, displaying disgrace, disgrace, shamelessness and their curtains being torn to shreds. The outrages committed have reached such a stage that even the word "pain" is no longer sufficient to describe "pain".

Jewish crew; In every period of history, they have demonstrated that they are "less than animals" without hesitation, shamelessness and disregard for committing all cruelty, genocide, barbarism and damnable behavior, and they are proving once again in the world of 2024. They are the people to whom the most Prophets were sent and the people who murdered the Prophets. They are a scourge to humanity wherever they are found. There is no one left who has not heard or seen this trouble. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the world is blind, the world is deaf, the world is crippled, the world is heartless, the world is merciless, the world is without conscience, the world is in darkness, and the world is going through a period that can be considered its most miserable in the face of the Jewish atrocities that have been exhibited for more than three months.

In this period when the "talk of modernism" is inflated and brought to light, we are witnessing events that may make even "bloodsucking vampires" seem more endearing. So, what do we do in the face of these situations we witness? What do we, who say "I have limits like my chest full of faith" and "we stand by the oppressed", do?

-We share messages from every channel of social media.
-We expect our posts to be showered with likes.
-We do not neglect to look objectively by making statements that smack of taqiyya.
- We are almost in a race with each other by saying "I don't want to be left behind too" and trying to blow into every microphone we see.

Well, let's remember the sentences we made, shall we?

                 -Gaza is being bombed,
                 -Gaza is burning,
                 -There is no place left in Gaza that has not been destroyed,
                 -Palestine is being erased from the map,
                 -Hundreds of Muslims are murdered every day,
                 -Humanity is experiencing its most brutal period,
                 -Let these deaths stop,
                 -Humanity was seriously injured,
                 -World leaders gather for Palestine,
                 -Stop the vile Jewish state now,
                 -Down with Zionism,
                 Hundreds of similar sentences have been made, right?

Personally, I see these discourses as a coding of "learned helplessness" in our subconscious. For our Muslim brothers in Gaza who died with bombs, bullets and unimaginable cruelty in order to relieve ourselves of responsibility, to relieve ourselves, and not to be left alone with our conscience;

“How Beautiful They Died”,
“I wish martyrdom could happen to us too”,
“How Beautiful They Became Martyrs”

We feel sorry for them! According to the life path exhibited by most of our people in Kahir, I perceive this as a complete "relief". Because, as the Islamic world, we live as if we had received a "hush share". Why do I say this?

Dear Friends, how can I not say this! Tens of thousands of people have been murdered for more than a hundred days. Bombs rained down. Human dignity was not sunk underfoot, but sunk seven layers underground.

Children lose their parents,
Mothers their children,
Spouses, their spouses and children,
Brothers lose their lives,
Relatives lost their closest ones.

Tens of tons of bombs rained down day and night. People who lacked conscience and compassion poured death into hospitals, schools, camps and mosques. So what was our attitude to this? What should happen? Our great religion has taught us that "brotherhood of religion is superior to brotherhood of lineage". How much of our share do we get from this suggestion? What we observe is that we are generally either too late or make huge mistakes and mistakes in sharing the pain of the oppressed and catching up with them.

-We can misunderstand strong sanctions such as protest or boycott.
-We are trying to protest only with language.
-We can even ignore praying for our brothers and the oppressed.
-We do not participate in associations in the name of salvation and charity.
-We act as if we are not in a difficult situation when providing in-kind and cash aid.
Dear friends,
I would like to clarify the issue in clearer terms. My approach or explanation of the subject may seem ironic to you, or there may be things that I missed because I could not fully reflect what I was going to say, but I still want to express what I have to say as much as I can:

-While there are people trying to live with the rain of bombs and lightning of death, we are living so beautifully in our soft and warm beds, aren't we? While those who did not walk but ran to the martyrdom, who did not leave their homeland, who took care of sacred places properly and became martyrs, DIED HOW WONDERFULLY, we LIVE (!) without even saying a prayer or worrying about the troubles of our Muslim brothers, right!

-In a situation where all kinds of poverty is rampant and even the most basic human needs can no longer be met, and our Muslim brothers are literally traveling in a vehicle sent at full speed towards death, while they reach the peak of gratitude when they find a bite of bread and a sip of water, we have 10-15 types of breakfast items on the table in the morning. While consuming all kinds of food, fruit, and so-called snacks before going to sleep, at the dinner table, THEY DIE HOW GOOD AND WE LIVE HOW WONDERFUL, RIGHT?

-While at least 3% of their population was martyred and subjected to genocide, from the youngest to the oldest, showing the most mature side of fortitude and patience to the whole world and dying HOW WONDERFUL, we are still expanding our places and living at the peaks of pleasure, aren't we?

-While he shrouds his brother or his child with his own hands and says "my brother or my child" DID HAVE A WONDERFUL DEATH", we say "it's like there is a war in my country, I don't care about the war of the Arabs", WE ARE LIVING NICELY AND PROBLEM-FREE!

Dear friends,
Believe me, the things we will list below are very, very valuable. Why is it valuable? It is valuable for us to live a principled life. Why is it valuable? It is valuable because it is the secret to not being bitten from the same hole a second time. We must live such a life, we must have such solid principles that WE WILL BE THE MAKERS OF HISTORY, and in the world we live in, no one will easily dare to engage in the rudeness exhibited today. For this purpose, in order to truly LIVE NOR DIE BEAUTIFULLY, we will express the following points and bring them to your attention:
1-First of all, we must be able to be "WE". We will treasure our ancient culture and every corner of our heavenly country. We must be principled and determined in protecting our wealth. WE LIVE WELL AND DIE WELL, only by taking into account the "general interests" instead of displaying behavior that prioritizes individual interests and tramples on human dignity. Societies that fail to be "WE" will suffer great damage. They cannot raise their heads from troubles. Unfortunately, this situation is seen in our country as well as all over the world and is growing at full speed. Yes, it is a great honor to give our lives for the sake of our country and religion, and the death that comes is an honorable death, but we must do what needs to be done beforehand so that we can live better and die better.

2-OUR STATE SHOULD BE OUR RED LINE. Many people confuse the concepts of state and government and use them incorrectly. “State” is the embodiment of an ancient tradition and culture. It is an institution above political ambitions and interests. It is the highest level of organization of human beings. It is not a structure that can be left to the arbitrariness of a person or a group, or that can be taken over and used to oppress other people. For this reason, whatever we do, let's first think about our "state" so that we can live well and die well. Look at the Muslims in Gaza; How well they protect their homeland, from the youngest to the oldest. Even their deaths cannot deter them. Even if they are not themselves, they are struggling to protect their heritage by thinking about future generations. People of all ages, genders, attributes and positions, from the smallest individual who has just begun to speak and speak, are writing encyclopedias, not books, about "Trust and Submission" and "Honourable and Dignified Standing". Maybe they were late or they encountered these calamities because they did some things wrong. I can't say anything definitive about this point. But our state must definitely be one of our red lines so that we can LIVE WELL AND DIE WELL.

3-Let's learn our HISTORY. Let's not be fooled by hearsay, assumptions or one-sided writings, expressions and publications that "make people hateful, alienate, denigrate, criticize them mercilessly, insult them and portray them as disgusting". Let's be objective and impartial. Those who do not know their history, that is, their past, cannot direct their future correctly. It is necessary to read, research, analyze and look from the right perspective. Because this will make us more conscious, make more correct moves, and ultimately become part of the group of THOSE WHO LIVE WELL AND DIE WELL.

4-LET'S KEEP OUR PERCEPTIONS OPEN. Everyone knows that we are in the age of technology. We can transform everything that is done beyond its true meaning and imprison it beyond its purpose. And we can achieve these in the most wonderful and convincing way. In perceiving and evaluating the developing events, let's not approach it entirely emotionally or purely with the leadership of reason. Let's take care to know both flesh and nail and create a dual power. We are in a world where the roads of haram and wrong are now highways. Unfortunately, there is no speed limit!

There are so many things that negatively affect our mind, tongue, heart and soul, it is truly surprising. We must be especially careful in social media channels, written and visual media.

We should not be exposed to perception management and perceptual disorders. Protecting ourselves will also be a strong step towards a ripple effect that can spread throughout the world, especially our environment. For this reason, let's have a nice journey and LIVE WELL, SO THAT WE CAN DIE WELL.

5-LET'S LEARN SCIENCE. In fact, this point is the "KEY" point of the subject. Because the path taken without a route is like a journey based on progressing without seeing, groping and guessing. Of course, you never know what you may encounter along the way!

Knowledge protects us from living wrongly. Knowledge prevents our life from being lived as a "DRAFT". It leads to the improvement of the social structure. It provides guidance at all points, from individual mental health to social integrity. As Hazrat Ali said, "People protect property, and knowledge protects people." What did our Prophet say in one of his hadiths: "Seeking knowledge is obligatory on all Muslims." Let's pay attention to the hadith. He did not make any distinction or classification. By saying "on all Muslims", he determined the responsibility and the subsequent course of life.

                 Allah creates everything from nothing, is free from time and space, does not need anything, is eternal and eternal, and is the owner of all creatures and the sustenance He has ordained for them. While time and space did not exist, He existed in eternity without time and space. After creating time and space, it exists timelessly and spacelessly, just as it did in eternity. All the things He commands and prohibits are for us. If each of us spends 24 hours a day worshiping, we cannot be of any benefit to Him, and if we disobey Him 24 hours a day, we cannot do Him any harm. Because benefit and harm are for us creatures.

If we organize our life integrity according to Allah's commands and prohibitions, WE WILL LIVE WELL AND DIE WELL. As Master Necip Fazıl said, "We should not live Islam as a draft, because we may not have time to put it together."

So, when it comes to knowledge, what should we learn so that we can have sensitivity, abundance and beauty in every aspect of our lives?

                 -We must learn the attributes of Allah and the elements of believing in Him along with the attributes that will exalt Him.
                 -We must learn the haram and halal commanded by Him so that both our life and death will be of good quality.
                 -We must believe in His Messenger and His Messengers.
                 -We must believe in the books he sent, the angels, the afterlife, and that he is the creator of good and evil.

So, how do we do this? By holding a book and reading it? Of course not! We will learn through perception, not from people who start with sentences like "In my opinion", "According to my teacher", "In my opinion", but by sitting at the feet of real scholars who are followers of the Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qiyas. Let's not think that it is difficult. The path will be easy once we are committed to the truth and reality.

6- IMPORTANCE SHOULD BE GIVEN TO EDUCATION AND TRAINING. The efficiency of our lives depends on education and training. When we say education and training, we do not only mean systematic education and training provided by the state. We must educate our children both within the family and so that they can become qualified people and become productive. It is not possible for everyone to have jobs that fall within the concept of desk job. For this reason, we must reveal the skillful aspects and carry out trainings that enable societies to live and continue in peace. After this, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LIFE NOR A BEAUTIFUL DEATH will come by itself.

7. JUSTICE, MERIT AND SENSITIVITY SHOULD BE CONSIDERED. One of the important duos that keep states alive is justice and merit. Where there is injustice, incompetence thrives. Justice disappears where there are incompetent people. Where this duo continues to rule, there will be no destruction or corruption of any kind. This leads to a BEAUTIFUL LIFE AND A BEAUTIFUL DEATH.

Finally, I will say something. We always talk about Hazrat Omar. We talk about his justice and piety. To a person who asked what he was doing while looking for an escaped animal belonging to Beytulmal; "An animal belonging to Muslims has escaped and I must find it, otherwise what will happen to me?" he says. Please let's not experience the beauties that can save our lives only as a story and in story mode. Let's internalize it, engrave it in our lives, take it as an example, and continue to practice it in a sincere and sincere manner, so that it will help us LIVE BEAUTIFULLY AND DIE BEAUTIFULLY.



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