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24 Mart 2024 - 11:42

Columnist: Vedat KAHYALAR
A great robbery, a brutal genocide, is presented to humanity by the world's sold communication resources, with the most cunning perception and a huge operation, different from the reality.

The massacre of people and civilization in Gaza continues. The reaction is minimized by keeping the Islamic geography busy with other agendas.

The main purpose of the genocide carried out by Israel is to make Gaza an Israeli city, to steal the rich natural gas and oil resources that belong to Gaza, together with the USA and the UK, without any problems.

They have already been extracting natural gas from 5 different sources for years! The extracted natural gas (NG) is liquefied and sold as 'LNG' (Liquified Natural Gas). If Syria had accepted; It would be sold to Europe via pipelines on the ISRAEL - SYRIA - TURKEY - EUROPE route. Syria paid/is paying the price for this objection with the war that devastated its country.

The natural gas 30 km away from the Gaza coast belongs to Palestine according to international law. When Palestine's efforts to extract this rich natural gas resource together with China came to the fore, the USA, England and Israel went crazy and did not hesitate to engage in the most brutal massacre of the century. From the first day, England and America, which technically extracted this gas, sent their most effective warships to the region. Did they do this simply out of loyalty to Zionism?

The title of an article published in an American gas and oil magazine;
"The Erasure of Gaza from the Map."

The article titled - Seizure of Palestine's offshore natural gas reserves - states that the purpose of all this destruction and evacuation calls is to deny the Palestinians their right to access a large offshore gas reserve. It is stated that this reserve contains 177 trillion cubic meters of gas, according to modest initial estimates, and is worth 534 billion dollars in today's value. And in addition, there is a confirmed reserve of crude oil starting from the Qalqilya region, extending through Wadi Qana and Salfit to the Rantis region, estimated at 1.7 billion barrels of oil with an initial value of $142 billion.

The article highlights the importance of Gaza gas by stating that the sum of all discovered reserves is greater than or equal to the combined amounts of Israel, Syria and Lebanon. Therefore, it is impossible for the Zionist to allow the Palestinians to benefit from this oil wealth, because this could be a historical transformation in their favor.

The article confirms that secret negotiations and meetings were held between the Egyptians and Israelis between 2021 and 2022 to benefit from the theft of this gas, and it is stated that Israel agreed and a date was set for the implementation to begin at the beginning of 2024. (Source article link…)

While it is the most correct and fair way for Palestine's Gaza city to have Dubai-like wealth in 10 years with its own natural gas resources; The brutal, barbaric occupation of Israel, with the actual support of the USA and the UK, and the murder of more than 15 thousand children and the same number of civilian women could not mobilize either the United Nations, the Arab League or other world power centers.

The objections and concrete steps of the forces of South Africa, Yemen, Iran and Lebanon/Hezbollah and the reactions of hundreds of millions of pure-hearted people from different identities contributed to the honor of the world.

During this period of brutality that left the Hitler genocide behind, the uninterrupted shipment of goods by ships from our country was never interrupted. Hundreds of Islamic scholars and teachers; For trade with Israel, IT IS FORBIDDEN, THE PERSON WHO DOES IT IS AN Apostate. Unfortunately, their fatwas that they have abandoned religion were not taken seriously. Products that were the most strategic needs of the murderers: oil, iron and steel, food, spare parts, military textiles, etc., could be sent from Turkish ports despite the reactions and tears of millions of sensitive people.

I researched ship movements on the day this article was written;
Today's data on the exchange between Zionist terrorists and Türkiye:

There are 11 ships departing from Turkey and arriving in Israel. 5 ships came to Turkey from Israel. Additionally, currently 7 ships in our ports are about to sail to Israel. In Israeli ports, 13 ships are about to set sail for Turkey. (quote from journalist @metcihan)

History; While it cannot forget the imperialist natural gas thieves, organ thieves and brutality that brutally murdered the people of the region and destroyed its cities, it also recorded in its bloody pages the states that remained unresponsive to this brutality and those who supported this genocide.

Source Article: https://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-gas-oil-and-trouble-in-the-levant/5362955




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