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28 Mayıs 2024 - 00:14


 When we go back into the past of human history, unfortunately, we will see the existence of a dark "stain" such as "genocide".  This continues today with the deception of the "deaf and blind world".  Even if genocide is defined and understood only as the destruction of a people or ethnic group, it is also a form of recklessness, brutality, lack of conscience, and the strangeness itself that is included in the most strange pages of human history, aiming to trample and destroy the honor and conscience of humanity.  This beyond-brutality, the point where mercy and human dignity are most damaged, has been exhibited in the most brutal way in various periods of history with terrible actions, and in the face of this, the "sound mind-compassion" characteristics of humanity have been imprisoned in a place like the Gog and Magog tribes were imprisoned in 2024. Its fame continues even as you read this.

 Genocide is a crime that took place in front of the eyes of all humanity and all states.  At the same time, genocide is not only the use of violence by one group of people against another, but also an "inhumane" brutality that aims to completely destroy the identity and existence of that group.  This is one of humanity's darkest and most shameful moments.

Gaza has been recorded as the most bleeding place in history, a region that has been subjected to cruelty and inhumane attacks for years.  The attacks mean disregarding not only the lives of thousands of Muslims, but also "human" dignity.  Historically, Gaza's suffering is the product of a long-running conflict. 

 When we look at the historical course of Gaza, we see a past full of various occupations and attacks against that land.  These attacks not only negatively affected the lives, assets and livelihoods and future of the indigenous people of Gaza, that is, the Muslims, but also greatly destroyed the infrastructure in the region (in fact, from a broad perspective, the entire Middle East, the entire Mesopotamia).

 Caught in the middle of so-called political conflicts/games/fictions, Muslim Gaza has been living/trying to live under an economic embargo for many years and has been deprived of basic human needs.  No valid excuse can be offered as an explanation for this situation.

 The attacks on Gaza, which have been continuing for more than eight months, have once again attracted the attention of the international community (!) and reactions (!) have increased against this oppression.  However, history shows us that greater cooperation and determination is required to strive for peace and justice and to stop inhumane attacks.  In fact, it only requires "sincerity and common sense".

 Everyone who witnessed the painful history of Gaza should not remain silent against this oppression and fight for the common values ​​of humanity.  This tragic history serves as a warning for the future of humanity and requires urgent action to prevent similar disasters from occurring again.  Lack of conscience and compassion, genocidal structures and historical, political and social dynamics in the region have made the solution of the problem more complex and unsolvable.

As is known, the origins of the Palestine problem began with the Zionism movement that started in the late 19th century.  The establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and the subsequent Arab-Israeli wars caused the displacement/exile/expulsion of a large portion of Palestinian Arabs.  After the "Six-Day War" in 1967, the tension in the region increased further with Israel occupying the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.  Today, the Gaza Strip is under Israeli blockade/destruction/genocide and faces serious humanitarian crises.

 The Gaza Strip is a densely populated area with approximately two million people.  Due to the blockade, economic opportunities are limited, unemployment is high and access to basic needs is limited.  Health services are inadequate and educational infrastructure has been greatly damaged.  Constant power outages, problems accessing clean water and the food security crisis make living conditions in Gaza even more difficult.  We can even say that it has disappeared.  Even the burning of people alive in the Welfare region has become a staging of the topic of how to become a "Modern Pharaoh-Modern Nimrod".  The time has already come and passed for all humanity/states/nations/geographies to unite "in the circle of a Moses, an Abraham and a Mohammedan consciousness".  I know that many people will "make hand gestures and show their tongues as the interpreters of their evil faces" to these things we talk/write/share.  But we don't care at all.  Let us repeat it again in a way that befits our language, religion and existence, with the hope that "those who understand, understand by the will of Allah, and those who do not understand, hopefully one day, will understand by the will of Allah."  Maybe there will be those who will be fortunate.  For humanitarian solutions, we can repeat the following:

 A-The blockade must be lifted absolutely and immediately, and the economy must be revived.

 Lifting/destroying the blockade(s) imposed on Gaza/Gazanians is a prerequisite for human and economic development.  Afterwards, free trade and flow of goods must be ensured.  Thus, the economic potential of the region can/will increase.  The so-called "Representatives of Modernity (!)" of the international community should support economic development for the reconstruction of Gaza/Palestine.  Of course, if they have any humanity left.  By the way, we have nothing to say to "the people".  Our word is for those in "manager" positions.

 B-Health and Education Services Should Be Reconstructed in accordance with Muslim Culture

 It is a fact that investment in health and education services will increase the quality of life of the people of Gaza/Palestine.  However, first of all, the infrastructure must be prepared by planning and projecting in all its aspects.  International aid organizations and governments, even Muslim countries, can come together to strengthen healthcare infrastructure and support all projects in the field of education.

 C-Unconditional Peace and Humanitarian Diplomacy

 No matter how (!), but the lands that are Muslim lands and towns, the ancient settlements of Muslims, should be commemorated with peace, and human values ​​diplomacy should play an active role in this.

 D-The Necessity of Respect for Human Rights and the Rule of Law (!) Should Not Be Ignored 

 All actors in the region must respect human rights and embrace the rule of law.  Arbitrary arrests, torture, absurd mental illness-based discourses and actions, and human rights violations must end.  If sanctions are to be imposed, they should be applied to these violators (!).

 Psychosocial Support Should Be Provided to Gaza and Palestinians to Return to E-Normal Life

 Long years of conflict have left deep psychological wounds on the people of Palestine/Gaza.  Children and the elderly, men and women, healthy and disabled people, chief officers, urbanites and villagers, all need serious psychosocial support.  Because they saw their relatives and other people dying, injured and torn to pieces in numbers that no one had ever seen before, and were exposed to gun, artillery, rocket and nuclear attacks.  Psychosocial support programs are essential to alleviate the traumatic effects of war and ensure social healing. 

 Come on, all the helpful people who claim to have the most "humane" qualities in the world (!).

 Best wishes…
Mr. Gokmen CAN
 Educator Sociologist



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