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O People of Israel!

14 Kasım 2023 - 00:36

Article by  Adnan KALKAN
There are many tyrants in history. However, there are those who have made the throne tremble with cruelty and prepared their own exemplary end, and have carried their name to this day. In fact, the reason why their names have survived to this day is not only because of the cruelty and exemplary consequences they committed, but also because they led the entire communities they lived in to suicide. While they were at their most prosperous and powerful, they were now unable to find bread. They were either killed by the enemy, escaped and were killed elsewhere, were lynched by their people, or had to commit suicide. Here are Pharaoh, Nimrod, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mussolini...

The Jewish nation had reached its highest level of prosperity and wealth until this war. Jews, who were once massacred by Hitler, have increased their cruelty by constantly occupying Palestinian lands since the establishment of the State of Israel. At this point, they became so cruel that they appointed Netanyahu, the greatest oppressor to this day. Our Lord Hz. As Muhammad (PBUH) said, "You are governed as you deserve", they became cruel and unruly, and they appointed the cruel, fierce and murderer Netanyahu as their leader. They thought they would become even richer, but they disappear like Hitler, paving the way for their people to need a piece of bread. Maybe he will be blindly shot by the Israeli people in this war, maybe he will be lynched, maybe he will commit suicide, maybe he will be tried in a war court and hanged or executed as a result of the Israeli loss he caused. Palestine is not honorable enough to die at the hands of Izzeddin Al Qassam mujahideen. He will die somehow, but it will happen to the people of Israel. As a matter of fact, this war is the most shameful, cruel, unscrupulous, immoral and brutal war in human history. Even Hitler didn't hit a hospital. Israel shot. Moreover, with the fatwa of the rabbis. You know, those perverted rabbis who separated the people of Israel from the Torah and connected them to the Talmud, and who dragged the Jews completely to hell. Unscrupulous, unjust, faithless rabbis.

O people of Israel! Compile the notebooks of Netanyahu and his government among yourselves. Rise up and execute him just as he drags your children to death. Otherwise, more of your children will die. By God, there are fearless, brave and faithful Qassam mujahids who consider death as an honor and go to death as if they were going to a festival or a wedding. The Israeli army has been killing civilians all this time. How many Mujahideen were able to kill, almost none. Have no doubt. Even if you destroy Gaza, the mujahideen will come out from under the rubble and continue to destroy you and your children. If you enter the last tunnels, you will disappear there. This is what the mujahideen want anyway. O people of Israel! If you do not execute your murderers, they will continue their oppression and you will suddenly witness mujahideen coming to Tel Aviv from the tunnels.

O people of Israel, Netanyahu and his government had so many of your military children killed for their own power. Many are injured. If it continues like this, many more will die. I'm not even counting those who were traumatized by not going to war. If it continues like this, you will be collectively destroyed.

O people of Israel! Netanyahu and his government cut down your date gardens. Your economy has been destroyed. Your goods are permanently boycotted. Because of Netanyahu and his government, you will never regain your former prosperity. You will be disgraced.

O people of Israel! Netanyahu and his government are waging the most immoral and dishonorable war in the history of war. It hits hospitals, mosques, churches and refugee camps. Jews will never be safe again, neither in Israel nor anywhere else in the world. Look, the heads of state who said they would support you in every way just yesterday are now making contrary statements one by one. Because they did not know and did not predict that it would be such a dishonorable war.

You are approaching the end, O Israel! When you look at the historical process, there is no escape. Netanyahu and his government will be the government that destroys Israel. Jerusalem will be a place of peace again. Just as people from all religions come to Hagia Sophia today and find peace, people from all religions can come to Masjid al-Aqsa. Masjid al-Aqsa will be entered with the peace of faith, not with the dirty boots of disgraced Israeli soldiers.

And the murderous, cruel, despicable Netanyahu and his government! You will end up like Hitler. Your state will not be left unturned like Germany. You are dragging Israel to destruction with your own hands and the Jewish people to misery with your own hands. Like you, Hitler thought he would not collapse. But it fell apart. Moreover, leaving behind a miserable nation and a ruined state.
Here is Netanyahu's end; A ruined Israel and miserable people!

Adnan Kalkan
[email protected]
Twitter: @adnankalkan01
YouTube: Adnan Kalkan



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